The Trois îlets

The Trois Îlets is a french Town in the department of Martinique, in the Martinique Region (French Admin Division for Province). Its inhabitants are named the Ileans. It is the birth place of the Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais.

The original village settled first in 17th Century, nearby the Cul Sac de La Vache à La Poterie, under religious influence. The urban Center finally grew to settle finally at the Trois Îlets small town in the 18th Century.
Originally the village served as a pied à terre for the Diamond and Saint Luce’s inhabitants; They were only stopping to rest before crossing the bay, to reach the administrative capital of the colony. The Village is formed along the route and not in the suburbs of the Town, that urban display is typical of the French West Indies. In the past, the Economy was mainly based on the agriculture. Numerous Plantation & Sugar Estate like the Petite Guinée, then named la Sannois and finally La Pagerie, birthplace of the Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, or the Vatable Estate, Château Gaillard or the Poterie Estate, were producing highly prized and sought after goods in Europe, like: cacao, tobacco, cane sugar, rum. That was back in the slavery age of the West Indies.

An important ensemble of forts and artillery batteries was in place to protect the bay from the English, who relentlessly tried to attack from the 17th Century to the 18th Century. Only two of those forts are still existing nowadays: the Fort d’Alet and the Fort de la Pointe du Bout. Some of the islanders fought during the WWI, during the WWII some other islanders sought refuge in the Anglo Island and fought from there as dissidents. Bunkers at the Pointe du Bout were built in Tan Robet (1940-1945) to protect the bay and the gold stocks of the Banque de France, hidden in the heights of Fort de France.

Now and since the 1960s, Tourism is the main economic activity: the Hotels are mainly located around the Pointe du Bout beaches, Mitan Cove, and the Ane Cove’s beach. A ferry service does the commute at the Trois Ilets city, which allows lots of people to live there and go to work at Fort de France.

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