Saint Luce

Saint Luce is a French City, in the Department of Martinique (French Admin Division Province), in a region named Saint Luce also. The gentilé is Lucean.

The Famous Rum Trois Rivières is distilled there and is a product of Saint Luce.

Saint Luce is a town located on South Coast of Martinique.

The town is composed of many small districts and Burroughs, like the Trois Rivières’s District (knowed for the Rum named after it), the Monésie, Epinay or the Coteaux’s districts.

Saint Luce is located next to other few famous towns like the Marin, the Diamant, Rivière Salée, Saint Esprit and Rivière Pilote.

The Town of Saint Luce is mainly composed of “mornes” little hills on the beach (typical of the Caribbean) which allows oneself to enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views from the higher districts such as l’Epinay, Bellevue Ladour, etc. From the highest spots of Saint Luce, one can observe the petroglyph (men carved drawings on the rocks) of the Rock in the Montravail Forest, and also the whole island of Martinique, which is spectacular knowing that the town is on the Sea Shores.

The route RN5, the main road of the Island leads into the town. The Trou au Diable bridge is also located in the Town. Saint Luce is also at the border of the Coves Route.

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