Saint Ann

Saint Ann is a French city in the department and region (French Admin Division for Province) of Martinique.

Located in the far South of Martinique,
Saint Ann has numerous white sand beaches, notably the famous Plage des Salines, which is perfectly semi circular, and one of the wonders of the Lesser Antilles. At the East of Saint Ann one will find hotter and driers spots like a savanna, petrifactions, and the famous Salines Pond. This town, a pilot city when it comes to sustainable tourism, has outstanding beaches with their beautiful coconut trees, its 13,6 miles (22 km) of white sand and turquoise waters making of Saint Ann a poster city for the Martinique.

In 1690 a chapel was built by the 700 inhabitants living between more or less ten sugar plantations; At that time the majority of the lands where sugar cane’s fields. The Chapel was burnt by the English and rebuilt in 1730. In 1817, that lovely church Notre Dame is destroyed again, this time by a cyclone. She will be rebuilt again and finished in 1829. In 1866 the Church is embellished and enlarged. The Town Council decided in 1991 to launch a project in order to renovate the Bell Tower, and that same Bell Tower was again renovated in 1994 after fire.

The Church Notre Dame of Saint Ann is registered at the Monuments Historiques (the French Republic’s register of the most precious and historical landmark throughout the Country), since it’s one of the most ancient church of Martinique.

The Calvaire, which climbs the morne (little mount / hill) behind the Church is the second most important place of worship after the Church itself. Every year one can witness more than 5000 pilgrims doing the Salette’s Pilgrimage.

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