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Martinique Zoo

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Anse Latouche

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Welcome to the Martinique’s Zoo

In the enchanting setting of the most ancient estate of Martinique, you will find the Martinique Zoo with its monkeys, jaguars, pumas, loriquets, giant anteater, racoons… and hundreds of other indigenous species of the Caribbean. In the restored Latouche Estate, built in 1643, the visitors can enjoy an enlightening and educational tour of the zoo, to discover the animals of course and interact with some of them like in one of half way aviary specially designed for that.

It’s an 1hour and half visit more or less, best to enjoy with ones family…

The restored remains of the Latouche Estate located at the hollows of the valley, are a living testimony of the ancient economic activity of Martinique, and of its rich heritage. During your tour of the Zoo and the estate, you will be able to discover the main house with its typical colonial architecture, or the yams, indigo, and of course cane sugar and rhum wharehouses. Not to forget the famous waterwheel, the ancient aqueduct and the Vauban style dam, forming the estate’s ancient water supply system.
The Tour is specially designed to tend both to the comfort of the visitors and the well being of the animals, the zoo has a brand new approach to this traditional activity. Be our guest and be the recipient of those wonders.

At last a Zoo in Martinique!

Martinique finally has its own Zoo. Located on the north west coast of Martinique, set between the Carbet and Saint Pierre, the Latouche Estate is now the home of hundreds of animal species whether indigenous or from all over the World: Australia, Africa, and of course Central America and South America. The Tour was specially designed to care for the comfort and ease of the visitors, pontoon bridges, cabins, tropical greenhouse, panoramas... In the heavenly gardens of the Estate, an enchanting setting to discover the great cats and monkeys and while doing that discover and educate most pleasantly oneself on the historical and economical heritage of Martinique.

Habitation Céron

Au fil de l'eau... les bâtiments, le cacao, son restaurant et sa boutique. Tout sur l'Habitation Céron.... Lors d’une promenade dans la forêt tropicale, le long d’un torrent de montagne aux eaux cristallines, découvrez la féerie d’un somptueux parc fleuri, aux arbres séculaires dont un Zamana exceptionnel, répertorié comme l’un des plus gros arbres visibles des Petites Antilles qui recouvre à l’aplomb de son feuillage prés d’un hectare..

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Mémorial de la Catastrophe de 1902

The Mémorial de la Catastrophe de 1902 – Musée Frank A. Perret bears testimony to the eruption of Mount Pelée and the destruction of the town of Saint-Pierre on 8 May 1902.. During your visit you will discover the dramatic event that changed Martinique’s history at the beginning of the 20th century in the resolutely contemporary architectural setting of the island’s oldest museum. Immersed in an innovative acoustic environment, visit the new permanent collection paying tribute to the victims and featuring relics of the catastrophe, period photographs and films.

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